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Recommended Reading

Here's a list of some good books on 3D that you might like to track down if you would care to study the subject in more, er, depth.

Amazing 3D by Hal Morgan and Dan Symmes - this one is still available to order and has loads of anaglyph 3D pictures.  Extremely enjoyable.

Fantastic 3D - a Starlog Guidebook. A sort of slimmer version of Amazing 3D, but with additional information on 3D systems. This one is extremely rare nowadays but worth trying to get hold of.  We borrowed some anaglyphs from both these books, but don't tell anyone.

The April 1974 issue of American Cinematographer - this one might turn up on eBay sometime.  Don't hold your breath.

3D Filmmakers: Conversations with Creators of 3D Motion Pictures.  A new book by the almost legendary 3D virtuoso Ray Zone, and which contains exactly what the title might imply.  Excellent reading, particularly the parts relating to the new types of 3D technology.  No pictures.  At all.

A History of Movie Photography by Brian Coe.  Great for a comprehensive overview of the subject, especially the widescreen and 3D bits.  Very well illustrated, too.

Stereoscopy by N.A.Valyus.  3D movies from the Russian perspective.  Very thourough and quite readable, but with few pictures and only a couple of anaglyphs.  Some libraries might have a copy of this book. I know that Manchester Central Library has - or did have last time I borrowed it.  Mind you, that was about fifteen years ago. 

Foundations of Stereoscopic Cinema by Lenny Lipton.  A highly regarded book on 3D cinematography; very thorough and considered to be essential reading for budding stereo movie makers.  Tons of formulae and calculations - cripes!  I found it totally incomprehensible, so it must be brilliant.


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