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Issue 2 : March 2003
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An appreciation of widescreen 35mm and 70mm films, past and present, in magazine format.

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Well, we're finally here with issue 2 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many (well, several) people who took the trouble to let me know how much they enjoyed the first outing of WIDESCREEN MOVIES MAGAZINE. All the feedback I've had has been positive, in fact, with many offering to contribute an article or feature, or even snippets of Widescreen news. All of this is vital as it helps your editor to maintain his day job, run the magazine and still find time to have a life.

For this issue, I am particularly indebted to Mike Taylor, of The Projected Picture Trust, for finding the Theatre Royal Cinerama piece, and also to Martin Hart, Curator - and creator! - of The American Widescreen Museum, that unequalled mine of on-line Widescreen information, for the extremely rare pictures that accompany our Todd-AO piece. Thanks go to Chris O'Kane for finding the time to give us the Vistamorph interview and for supplying the excellent pictures.
As usual, I am amazed when our Webmaster, Bill Burns, transforms my two-fingered typing into a website - how do they do that? - and equally so when Tony Edwards performs a similar miracle and creates the terrific layouts in the print edition of the magazine.

If you're joining us for the first time, let me bid you a warm welcome. I hope you will enjoy our informal exploration of the fascinating world of Widescreen.

I think we've got some fascinating stuff in this issue - and there's lots more in the works! - so I'll sign off now and leave you to get on with it. Remember, if you would like to comment on the mag, offer suggestions for articles - or write an article! - you can drop me a line at our publishing address, or on-line at [email protected]. And, finally, for those of you who missed our first issue, a limited number of back issues are still available at the old price of £2 in UK or $6 USA or 5 Euros if you live in the EU or three chickens if you're a farmer, or . . .

John Hayes

In this issue:

Cinerama at the Theatre Royal, Manchester

Film On DVD - Part II…

DVD Reviews

The Making of The Alamo - Part 1

What is …Todd-AO

An Interview With Chris O' Kane, Co-founder of Vistamorph by John Hayes

And finally . . .
Thanks for reading WIDE SCREEN MOVIES, and I hope you enjoyed both it and them.
Now, it would be nice to have a "Letters to the Editor" page in the next issue, so perhaps you would be kind enough to share your thoughts and suggestions - positive or negative! - or even go the whole hog and contribute an article?

If you have a favourite film or films, or you know some obscure stuff about some format or other; share it with us! I won't insult you by offering to pay you in actual cash money; but you will receive the infinitely more satisfying reward of seeing your work in print. For free. Good deal eh?

But remember - should you choose to accept this mission - the subject MUST be large or wide-format film, or it will be cast aside. Please email me, John Hayes, for more information.

This is not a democracy - this is . . . WIDESCREEN!

'Til next time...

John Hayes

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