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Recommended Reading (from Issue 9)
by John Hayes

Though not strictly falling within our usual points of reference, sometimes a book comes along which is so good, you tell all your friends about it – so that’s what I’m doing.

TonyEarnshaw, Head of Film Programming at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, writer and editor of several authoritative books on film – and long-time supporter of WSMM - has produced what is sure to be considered the definitive book on the making of a cult horror classic, with BEATINGTHEDEVILThe making of Night of the Demon.

I know that Tony has been a long-time fan of Demon, so I’m certain that this book has been something of a labour of love. What was initially intended to be a fairly brief monograph has gradually evolved into one of the most thorough ‘making of’ books that I have ever read. He has managed to interview most of the surviving cast and crew who were involved in the 1956 production – nearly fifty years ago – and has accumulated an astonishing amount of information, photographs, set designs and posters. There is literally everything – but everything – in here that you might wish to know about one of the truly great British horror films.

A fascinating study, which would be a welcome addition to the library of any film fan. Essential reading.

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