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Recommended Reading (from Issue 5)
by John Hayes

If, like me, you are a fan of the big, spectacular epic movies that they used to make so well, but now seem to have lost the recipe for, then our first book on the list has to be a must-have. Mike Munn’s highly entertaining, The Stories Behind The Scenes Of The GREAT FILM EPICS was published in 1982 in a 191-page soft cover version (There’s probably a hard-cover version out there, too), which is the one that has been in my collection since then. The title tells you exactly what it’s about, and Munn’s anecdotes and interviews, combined with a splendid and profuse selection of stills make for a fascinating read. All the big ones are covered in here, from Gone With The Wind to The Vikings, from Ben-Hur (both of them) to The Great Race This book may have been out of print for a long time, but there’s sure to be still some out there. Absolutely worth tracking down. Argus Publications 1982. ISBN 0 85242 729 8

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